We are in the business of helping the people that society has deemed outcasts.

The people who have been through the U.S. Prison System have an even harder time getting back into society because of the extra steps they have to take to even get a license to drive a car or a job.

The issue is that there are not enough support programs in place to help the individuals with the tools and the mindset to actually progress.

Instead of punishing a person and giving them a criminal record.

Which, inhibits them from getting many types of jobs, and prohibits them from getting into most rental houses and apartment complexes.

We should be supporting these people. Many incredibly talented people are cast aside just because they have a rough past. Should we STILL punish a person, even if its been a decade since they did their time? Seriously?

We must support them in becoming their best selfs.

Too many times has the prison system proved to be a breeding ground for selling drugs and criminal activity. If Someone served their time, shouldn’t they be given a solid chance to be a successful contribution to society?

Five in 6 (83%) state prisoners released in 2005 across 30 states were arrested at least once during the 9 years following their release. (www.bjs.gov) Find the Full Article Here.

That is why here are Success Mindset Institute Inc. we are committed to serving our community of men and women in the Denver Area and also Nationally in the coming years.

Every Year we focus on expanding our vision to reach the goal of coaching 10,000 men coming home from prison by 2030!

How do we do this?

We are in touch with parole offices all over the nation and regularly speak with the parolees to help mentor and coach willing participants in mindset training, body building and HIT training, as well as business and sales skills.

In Need of Coaching or Mentorship?

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Published On: June 23rd, 2020 / Categories: Empowering News /

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